Hello there all you Stitch Rockers!
Stitch Rock is officially taking a break. That means there will not be Stitch Rock 2017. Please don't be sad, be thankful. We will forever be thankful for all the memories, friendships and opportunities that have been created from this little idea called Stitch Rock. We hope you will continue to love and support all things handmade with or without there being an annual Stitch Rock.

…And hey, this doesn't mean goodbye forever. Think of Stitch Rock as being on hiatus. Whether the show returns will depend on a few things but mostly location and timing. (Have a great return location suggestion, I'd love to hear it!)

Thank you from the bottom of our crafty hearts for all the love and support over the years!

We have created an AWESOME 'yearbook' of photos of all the Stitch Rock's past. We hope it will bring back warm memories!
Check it out here: 10 Years of Stitch Rock


Sorry, vendor submission are closed. There will not be a Stitch Rock 2017 we are on Hiatus.

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